Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

We offer state-accredited evaluations and treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Substance abuse counseling begins with assessing where you are. The next step is to imagine a life based on your goals and values. Addiction treatment helps you bridge the gap from where you are to your future vision.

Maintaining these changes requires a whole life approach, paying attention to all important areas in your life.

  • In substance abuse treatment, we will develop skills to prevent relapse and encourage empowerment in mind, body, soul, relationship and finances
  • Stress in any of these areas puts you at greater risk for relapse
  • A whole life approach to substance abuse counseling will give you the confidence to face challenges without drugs and alcohol

As we get deeper into addiction, we begin to depend on drugs and alcohol for fun, relaxation and excitement.

Choices  Choices

  • The choices we make contribute to our current situations
  • New choices will help change the present situation to the life you envision
  • We will replace drugs and alcohol with feeding our mind, body, soul and relationships

Relationships  Relationships

  • Can be supportive and mutually nurturing or they can be destructive
  • Research indicates that people are more likely to maintain change if their relationships are supportive
  • Social pressure from negative relationships knocks many people off course. New skills will help you navigate these obstacles

Money  Money

  • Can be a huge source of stress that makes you vulnerable to relapse
  • If you have legal problems like a DUI, the financial cost is huge
  • Addiction leads to a variety of spending issues; that is, impulse buying, compulsive spending, buying and spending more than intended
  • Money problems can affect all the areas of our lives

Whole Life addiction counseling will help you develop a plan to overcome your addictive money traits and point you in the direction of your financial goals.

Health  Health

  • Health related problems increase for people who drink and/or use drugs in excess
  • High blood pressure, cirrhosis of the liver and various cancers go along with addiction
  • These illnesses not only affect health, but lead to less productivity and income from work, and add financial strain to self and relationships
  • The higher the quantity of consumption, the greater risks for poor health and shortening of the lifespan

Lifestyle choices lead to these illnesses. A whole life approach integrates healthy choices into all areas of life.

Addiction treatment is guided by the values you have identified. Our choices either protect or risk our values. The lifestyle changes you make support a value-driven life. Abuse and addiction touch all regardless of wealth or education. Health, relationships, money, freedom and more can be lost due to the choices we make. New choices and new goals will lead to a new you. Everything you need is inside you, and we will help you tap into and develop those resources.