Anger Management

Anger Management

We offer anger management evaluations and treatment for those who are court-ordered and for those seeking personal growth. If you need intervention or are wanting to prevent future blowups, we have non-judgmental anger management classes to help you.

Emotion  Anger is an Emotion – Neither Good Nor Bad

Anger often manifests itself as the following:

  • A response to a perceived threat
  • The body tightening up
  • Increased heart rate
  • Body becomes flushed
  • May become more focused
  • Can motivate you to make positive changes
  • Can lead to maladaptive or self-destructive behaviors

Chronic or excessive anger is bad for your health. Anger becomes a problem when felt too intensely or frequently. A racing mind and a tense body make sleeping difficult. For these same reasons, anger aggravates chronic pain, and can lead to high blood pressure. Anger management teaches you the skills to keep your mind and body calm.

At Whole Life Psychotherapy, you will learn skills that reduce stress caused by money issues, relationship fears, job concerns, children, etc.

Triggers  Common Triggers For Anger

  • Fear of losing love, money, respect, children, job, etc.
  • Money problems
  • Negative self-talk or the messages we carry around with us
  • Substance abuse

Using a cognitive behavioral approach, you will be able to change the thoughts and behaviors that escalate anger. Becoming aware of triggers is one of the most important beginning steps in anger management. Anger management teaches you how to avoid, change or accept those situations that trigger anger. By identifying alternatives, you will see that you have a choice.

ManagingAnger  Managing Anger With Whole Life Psychotherapy

  • Use it to motivate positive change
  • Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Write and prioritize goals and objectives
  • Design a plan to help you reach and maintain the life you want
  • Practice skills and talk about life choices that will keep your mind and body calm

A calm mind and body are your best friends in keeping stress and anger at appropriate levels. In order to maintain these changes, they have to become part of your life. These new skills will be integrated into all the important areas of your life.