Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Money can provide the freedom to pursue your life goals and achieve your dreams, but it can also be a source of stress and conflict. Money is an important part of life and is integrated with all your other life goals. Stress with money can affect your mental health, relationships, physical health, even your spiritual health. Money management will give you the confidence to live a more purposeful and harmonious life.

Money&Relationships  Money & Relationships

Whether you are seeking awareness about your relationship with money, need money conflict resolution with your spouse, or need assistance with financial planning, Whole Life Psychotherapy can assist you with your money management needs. The first step in whole life financial planning is to assess your current money management style. We will determine your money related goals and align your financial goals with your other life goals.

Money is the number one source of conflict in marriages. We grow up hearing different messages and attitudes than those of our partner. Often, a spender will marry a saver. Perhaps one spouse grew up in a family that talks openly about money, while the other grew up in a family that was very secretive. In relationship/money counseling, you will improve your communication skills regarding money issues. You’ll learn healthy skills to resolve money conflicts.

YourStyle  Your Style

We all have money personalities that influence the way we deal with money. Learning your money style will give you insight into your attitudes, tendencies and behaviors with money.

  • The money messages you hear growing up and how you processed these messages lead to your money personality
  • “Money equals love” is a money message. Some messages are contradictory — “money makes the world go ’round” or “money is the root of all evil.” The skills I teach you will be tailored to your needs and money personality

Hinders  When Money Hinders

Sometimes our financial decisions/behaviors prevent us from experiencing life to the fullest. We become obsessed with money; thoughts of money can consume us. When a spender becomes a compulsive debtor or a saver becomes a hoarder, our quality of life is threatened. If we can’t control repeating problems, we have lost control.

I will teach you how to take care of your money. We will consider investing, retirement, education, expenses, leisure, and inheritance when constructing your financial plan. I have practiced as a certified financial planner and stock broker. Let me help you design a financial plan to enrich your whole life.